Land use plan (sample)

Proposed plan for Private Village (reference plan)

The foundation of a development plan should be to create “harmony with breathtaking nature; land that exudes the joy of living for your entire life.” We have drawn up a provisional plan designed to make the best use of the geographical features of the Private Village.

A facilities zone would be constructed, nestled on a gentle slope that extends from a hilltop down to level ground that fronts the coastline. The zone makes the best use possible of the local nature and the present natural shape of the land, as it is set back in a stepped shape, allowing the zone to be surrounded by green trees.

Not only will urban dwellers be able to surround themselves in Yakushima’s nature, but they will also be able to lead an active lifestyle, with canoeing and fishing. What is more, a space will be set aside for creative endeavors, such as reading, writing and drawing. Also, the plan may envision vegetable gardens and other features at a large site.

Forming the core of the facility will be setback-style cottages, where stays are booked in one-week blocks, and mini hotel on a flat piece of land on the hill. A restaurant and multi-purpose spaces are planned for the hotel.