We offer you a private beach on the coast of Yakushima, a beautiful island rare even by world standards.

Yakushima has been called “the Alps of the Ocean.” It provides a microcosm of the full range of Japan’s nature from Okinawa all the way to Hokkaido. When people speak of Yakushima, they know about its stunning mountainous environment. But not much is known about its amazing marine features. That’s because the entire island is shaped like a convex lens, with a coastline formed by sheer cliffs. Little available land here offers direct access to the sea.

The private beach sits along a coral-reef coastline. A gradual slope, where traces of an old cattle range remain, extends from a flat area of land on the coast to the top of a hill. Such land is said to be extremely rare on Yakushima. The majesty of the local mountains can be viewed from the hilltop, and a mountain stream flows through the site. At low tide, schools of small fish swim in circles in pools of water, as the coral-reef coastline extends to a distant bay. Scientists and other scholars who visit remark on how this piece of land is “rare and precious, not just for Japan but for the world.”

In addition, Yakushima is free of natural disasters, making it Japan’s safest island. Testimony to that are the Yakushima cedars that have been able to thrive here undisturbed for thousands of years.

The elevation is approximately 33 meters from the coastline to the top of the hill at the site where the private village is located. So you would be safe even if a tsunami on the order of the one that recently struck in Eastern Japan (approx. 8 to 20 meters high) were to occur.